Caltek believes its team as its most valuable asset and the critical factor for its unswerving success. Caltek’s ultimate goal is to cultivate Talent Retention by offering competitive remuneration packages, extensive skills, training and development programs and personal mentoring to achieve our team’s maximum potential in the business environment. We strive to establish a balanced and collaborative business relationship between our team and business associates.

We believe in nurturing our team with equal and diversified opportunities within the organisation in order to help them achieve maximum professional and personal development. We believe in extensive training for our team to equip them with the full scale of skills and knowledge they require to perform in various metrological fields, offering them multiple opportunities of growth during their time of service.

At Caltek, our rewards packages are designed to attract the most skilful, dynamic and diverse work force to begin a career in a conducive, Work-Life balanced and strategic organisation.

Caltek’s philosophy is aimed at developing long-term career opportunities for its’ people and takes immense efforts on providing permanent employment opportunities for all members of the team.

Our philosophy encompasses the 3 notions:

  • Developing our people to be our Human Capital
  • Forming a diversified union among our people
  • Create a people focused business environment

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