Attention: Points to Note before Verification

(i) The certificate details will be uploaded on monthly basis. A certificate older than a month alone can be verified.

(ii) If any of the following information is not found in the certificate, Please key in as "NA"

Reference Certificate

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Caltek is committed to keeping our clients updated of any service requirement changes and our current/ new services. On the right is a selection of brochures that has been published within the past 6 months, you may download the brochure by clicking on the link underneath the picture of the brochure. Should you require more details pertaining to a specific service please contact us directly.

Dew Point

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Water and Process

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Gas Flow



Caltek is authorised to ensure that system used in Singapore is uniform and accurate, thereby ensuring fair trade and correct measurements.

Caltek performs the following:

  1. Initial verification of new instruments pattern approved by Enterprise Singapore to ensure that they have been properly assembled and are accurate
  2. Re-verification (repaired or serviced instruments pattern approved by Enterprise Singapore) to maintain their accuracy and ensure that they are still fit for trade use
  3.  Affix the instrument that passed the verification with the AV stamp and an accuracy label. These instruments would have errors that fall within the prescribed limit (also known as maximum permissible error) and found fit for trade use
  4. Follow-up with the client for subsequent verification of instruments when the re-verification process is due

API Speq Q1

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BCA Approval Letter

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Biz Safe  

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DNV Certificate

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Sac-Singlas Cert