Our Mission Statement

We strive to fulfil our services in a timely & cost-effective manner, determined to meet the service standard requirements of our clients & achieving compliance at the same time, which establishes us as the service provider of choice to our clients. To attain this vision, Caltek prioritizes attaining accreditations in the fields of various specialization to further exp& our reaches to all our client’s needs.


Project Divisions

Something about us

Caltek has a team of highly qualified, experienced, & dedicated professionals who attain & preserve the company’s visions’/ missions’ & predefined goals. Each department is led by managers equipped with distinct skills & expertise, ensuring a smooth & systemic flow of the day to day operations of the firm. At Caltek, we work towards continuous improvement of the systems & processes to ensure an efficient delivery of our services to every client.

Our team of sales, technical & operations division play a pivotal role in the success of the organization. The division holds a team of highly proficient & dedicated individuals who work to create a personalized buying experience. Constantly engaging with clients on an individual level to meet their needs & demands, playing a key role in building the loyalty & trust of our clients over the course of years.


Calibration & Measurement

  • Instrumentation, Repair & Validation
  • Medical Equipment Calibration
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Temperature & Humidity Mapping
  • On-site Calibration & Verification

Water Treatment Technology & Solutions

  • Water treatment skid (design & built) (RO/ DI)
  • Maintenance & Spare parts support & replacement
  • Waste Water Treatment (Effluent, DAF, Neutralizing)
  • Double Containment Chemical Piping

Water Treatment Technology & Solutions

  • PP, PVC, PVDF, PE piping & Tank works
  • Air Pollution Control System( Scrubber, Duct & Exhaust)
  • pH monitoring system(Last IC)
  • System Instrumentation Inspection & Calibration
  • Tools hook up & Chemical Cabinet

Liquid Flow Calibration & Meter Proving

  • Mass & Volume Flow Calibration & Proving
  • On-site Flowmeter verification & monitoring
  • Flowmeter Installation & Zero Verification
  • Re-Stamping & Sealing of Flowmeters
  • On-site Calibration & Verification
  • Flow metering consultancy


  • MFM Designated Authorised Verifier
  • Inspection & Resealing of MFM system devices
  • Tank Inspection & Measurement Services
  • Noise Monitoring & Certification
  • Essential Device/ System Service Provider

Mechanical Testing

  • Inspection/Testing & Overhaul of Valve
  • Manpower Supply Calibration & Testing 
  • On-Board & Anchorage Testing
  • Life Jacket/Hose & Tank Testing & Inspection
  • Repair & service of mechanical Hydrostatic Testing equipment 

IAQ Testing & Remedial Actions

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Boundary Noise Monitoring
  • Workplace Noise Mapping
  • Illumination Survey 
  • Personal Noise Monitoring
  • Green Building IAQ Audit
  • Green Building Consultancy
  • Turnkey Consultancy (Design & Build Projects)
  • Facility Management Engineering

SCADA & PLC programming

  • Building Management System for Chiller, AHU & Heat Exchange
  • System Integration for UPW & Water Treatment Plant
  • FCU control & Meeting Room
  • Door Access System form operation theatre
  • System integration for Cooling Tower Blow Down Water RO System

Air conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation works

  • Installation of HVAC equipment
  • Installation Fan Coil Units
  • Heating & Air Conditioning repairs
  • Technical Coordination & Pre-Engineering
  • Chilled Water Pipeline Works
  • Installation of GI & MS Ducting
  • Feasibility Study & Solutions provider

Continual Improvement

CALTEK is focus on continual improvement in a rapidly changing business environment. It is an approach to make us better every single day aiming for a six segment approach in the coming years. Compliance, clients’ technology and training are the accents of CALTEK business and our objective is to constantly work towards to improve efficiency Clients satisfaction and the output of the company.

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